DCR Managemenent

Project description

DCR Management asked us to help them create an intuitive, corporate experience to represent them online. As a service provider and coordinator in building and maintaining embassy & other diplomatic infrastructures, the platform we developed needed to be robust and multilingual.
Visit www.dcrmanagement.eu


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Analysis & Consulting


  • Information Architecture
  • Multilingual Platform
  • Corporate CMS

Webdesign & Development

At ZuPP, we saw an opportunity to help them align their visual identity and mission statement to their online experience. Next to building a clear, user-friendly hierarchy of their content, we were inspired to do more.

We brought our own vision together with their core values and focused on creating a bright, visual experience using high quality architectural photos.

In development of the CMS, we took care of the core in their communication: multilingualism. Providing service in the heart of Europe, it was necessary to integrate a versatile and strong plugin to provide multiple languages without a fault.